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What to expect

All massage treatments are performed using a beauty couch so please allow enough room for this. Indian head massage can also be performed sitting in a chair without a very high back. As with all treatments it is important to inform Lucy of any allergies you may have and this should not be forgotten with massage in case a nut based oil is used.


Full Body Swedish Massage £28.00
1 hour treatment
Full Body Swedish Massage Inc. Face Or Head £34.00
1 hour and 15 minute treatment
Back, Neck And Shoulder Massage £18.00
1/2 hour treatment
Indian Head Massage £24.00
Includes massage of the upper back, arms, neck, scalp and face
Deep Tissue Back Massage £25.00
1/2 hour treatment combining the use of swedish massage techniques and a deep tissue pounding massager
Massage Treatments